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Family Buying Bread

Our FAQs


Where does the food come from?

Our store model is built around the fact that food businesses generate waste. We work with food distributors to prevent edible foods from going into the landfill.

Is rescued food safe to eat?

The food we receive has been maintained at stable temperatures and is checked for quality control before going on the shelves.

What should I expect?

We've moved to the Town Centre in downtown Brandon on the parkade level. Parking is available in the parkade or on the street. The store is for everyone. We accept cash, credit or debit transactions.

Bag of Groceries

More Information

All food comes from facilities that are up to date with local public health requirements and is transported and stored safely.

The best before date is a suggested expiry date, as such any food that is consumed past the before date is at the consumers' discretion. Check the Best Before Timetable for more information.

Every day in Canada good food is thrown in the landfill for various reasons. This adds up to 11.2 metric tonnes of edible food waste in Canada; or approximately $49.46 billion dollars.

FAQ: Store Policies
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