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Butter Believe It!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Local butter-maker, Elizabeth, makes and sells artisan butters here in Brandon, MB. What started out as a fun date-night idea soon become an entrepreneurial journey. Now she makes all kind of flavours ranging from sweet Pumpkin Spice, Double Berry and Cinnamon Vanilla Honey to savoury Parsley Chive, Maple Bacon and Jalepeno Chili.

Beth prioritizes sourcing ingredients locally to support our community and works with local family-owned businesses and food co-ops. Collaborative fundraising opportunities are available with Butter Believe it, when you collect orders for your fundraiser, $1 from each butter product, and $2 from each accessory will be contributed to your cause.

You can purchase Butter Believe It butters online through their website or at select local retailers.

Contact Butter Believe It through:

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