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Food Rescue Alert Impact: Eggs

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

If you don't know by now, we're big believers in saying yes :) What started out as a request to take 32,000 eggs (the minimum shipment order), quickly turned into an egg distribution adventure. We weren't sure how we could accept, store, or distribute 32,000 eggs, but we started by making a simple google order form offering eggs by the flat or by the box for a small donation.

Within 48 hours we received over 600 pre-orders, totalling over 200,000 eggs!

The BNRC lent us warehouse space to store all the eggs, and their staff contributed time to help with distribution. We needed all hands on deck.

Over several days, pre-order customers lined up in vehicles outside the BNRC to pick up their boxes/flats of eggs. Many community members donated over and above the suggested donation, or asked to purchase eggs for the food bank or soup kitchen.

Some of the impacts from this weekend:

1. We provided eggs for many nonprofits, First Nation communities, and community serving organizations including schools, daycares and community centres.

2. We provided paid work opportunities at a living wage rate

3. We were able to provide low-cost eggs in the community at the Food Rescue Grocery Store for a few weeks.

4. We supported Helping Hands Soup Kitchen and Samaritan House Food Bank with eggs and a financial donation.

Thank you to everyone who supported this effort, we couldn't do it without you.

Thank you Brandon!

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